into the tunnel

the field is raucous

with the shouts of your mates when you turn from them

looking for something

something without a name

there's a glimpse of it

a hint here and there

but the afternoon wears on


light begins to abandon you


there ...

            something shines

the end of a golden thread

you pick it up


it leads you forward

out of the field

through brambles

and thick trees

to a tunnel


the others stay

playing in the remains

of the afternoon

they wonder about you

worry after you

        will you be safe?


one calls your name come back

you pause, 

turn your head

the planet stops its turning








you plunge ahead to see

where the thread goes it goes

into the dark


you don't look back


the light is gone

the tunnel is cold

there are noises

but you are brave

you have the thread


suddenly a howling

a scritching

a scratching

a clinching

a catching


shiver shiver shiver shiver shiver shiver shiver


you hold the thread too tight it breaks

the floor gives

you tumble


into mud


oh where is the thread

you are stuck


you call out

take me back

take me back

take me back

you cry





so quiet

you can hear

for the first time

the ancient loving song

of the Mystery

play through you




you    heave    forward

hands searching

there no there no there


you find the golden thread again





you climb up                         

         and out






you hold the thread


you walk


you breathe


there's light

there's more light


you emerge

into the morning of the world


the golden thread ends

in everything


someone waits

by a stream 

a friend


you go to them

they wash the mud from you


you play

across this new day


after time

that feels

like minutes

or years

your friend hands you a gift


a small wooden box

inside ...


a ball of golden thread

i have to go back?



you know the way now

leave the thread for someone


will you be here when I come back




wait here for the next one

welcome them

give them the gift

cross the stream

to the far field


i will meet you there    

So far together

I love you not just to the moon

and back but also to the stars --

and not one of the really close ones

like Alpha Centauri A or B but

one of the ones from the galaxy

MACSO647-JD, which is about as far

away as you can get this universe

and still be in the universe --

and back, though if I had to go to

show you I would hate to go alone

because wouldn't it be beautiful

to go so far together, making light?